What is AIDA ?

AIDA is a Data and Algorithm Platform built by Dalberg Data Insights in partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund and the Belgian Government
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AIDA brings together Big Data and Small Data from the private and public sectors to create social and economic value.
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The platform contains data and algorithms that generate real-time insights allow new tools to be built. The result is smarter, data-driven decisions in policy-making, disaster response, program management and impact assessment.
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AIDA leverages machine learning and AI to assess, monitor, and predict key dimensions of some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today, including food security, gender equality and financial inclusion.

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In places including Brazil, Haiti, and Uganda, we build tools that optimize decision-making and policy design for development actors

Current data sources

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Data source 2
Traffic sensors
Data source 3
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Survey & Census

Privacy and Security

In compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our rigorous security procedures safeguards every person's data privacy. We access telecom information from international telecom operators and verify that these operators also adhere to the GDPR and any local data protection policies. To ensure every data subject's protection, we anonymize and aggregate the data to remove individually identifiable information. Only then it is securely exported and shared with the approved end user.

*GDPR regulates the processing by an individual, a company or an organisation of personal data relating to individuals in the EU. To learn more visit official website.

AIDA in action: Case studies

Food Security

Food Security

Hunger Fighters Uganda enhanced urban food security and resilience through Edible Cities
Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

United Nations Capital Development Fund ( UNCDF) Mobile Money For The Poor (MM4P) tracked the performance and impact of their bulk payment pilots in agro value chains

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